US-Bangla Group

Our Story

US-Bangla group is one of the fastest growing companies in Bangladesh.
It was born with US-Bangla Assets, back in 2009. With a vison of building a brighter future for the upcoming generations. With day-to-day pace, US-Bangla Assets became a renowned real estate company in Bangladesh. Soon the company owned Green University of Bangladesh, one of the supreme private universities of Bangladesh. Later US-Bangla Leather was born, a hundred percent export oriented. Another sister concern of the group is the US-Bangla Medical College and Hospital, where education and service of international standard is supported with an array of sophisticated measures. In 2014 the company introduced US-Bangla Airlines, today it is one of the leading premium airlines of Bangladesh. With the wind, the company brought USB Express, an international courier service and back to back another concern Vibrant, a footwear brand for the modern generation.

Under US-Bangla Group, US-Bangla Hi-tech Industries will be operational soon, where electrical and electronic items will be manufactured and gradually expand its operation in many other electronics field that will provide the foundation for every aspect of modern life. The company has plans for US-Bangla Media and Communications, under which newspapers and television channels will be active.
US-Bangla Food, will also going to be introduced soon where you can rely on taste and quality